Credit Crunch and Clothing Quality

Has anyone else noticed that the quality of clothing has gone down in certain stores recently?  I think this probably has something to do with the credit crunch.  The companies seem to think that we want clothes at the same price we have been paying and are prepared to put up with poor quality.  Personally I would prefer to pay more and have quality that is going to last.  I like to buy basics that don’t go out of fashion.


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Designers and Business

I wonder how it must be for young fashion designers to make it in the industry.  I was watching some of that show Dragons Den and there was this young designer who brought in a really unusual collection of clothing.  I thought it was great and would love to wear some of it.  However the problem is that she didn’t seem to have thought through here business plan that well.

You see, business people live and breathe business.  Whereas creative people live and breathe creativity.  This is why so many artists people get screwed over by those in business.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a fashion designer, ballerina or musician, most of the time you won’t make the money you deserve.

I was told a story about a couple of designers who came up with a product and sent the design off to a certain well-known shop.  The result was that the shop thought the design was so good they put it into production and didn’t send the guys any money.  Basically they hadn’t protected it by copyright.

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Child Labor and Cheap Clothing

There have been some talk of how clothing outlets are selling clothes so cheaply because of child labor.  The problem is that the shops have contractors in places like India and China and they therefore have no real control over what happens.  The contractors then send out some of the work to young children who then work from home.  My concerns are:

What happens when these children have their jobs taken away from them.  I know that we shouldn’t have children working instead of going to school.  But what is the real imediate alternative.  I mean, you hear about children who live in the East who are forced in to prostitution.  What would you prefer, to sew sequins onto a t-shirt or be forced into having sex?

Do people even care.  People tend to think that what’s out of sight is out of mind.  At the end of the day we’re somehow programmed to go searching for bargains.  When we see a t-shirt selling for next to nothing we think “great, what a steal”.  But of course who know what was involved in getting it into the shops.

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Travel Luggage

I’ve been having a look at differnt styles and types of luggage. I’m really bored with my black Marco Polo suitcase and the only way that I can find my suitcase from other people’s is by tying a brightly colored ribbon around it. This just looks a bit stupid so when browsing around I came accross some details of polka dot luggage. At first I though that polka dot was a brand which I hadn’t heard of before but it’s actually just the pattern. There is also Hawaiian floral designs but I think that the polkadots are more my kinda thing.

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Fake Fur or Not?

I was reading an article on Environmental Graffiti that was published last year about how many items of fake fur are actually real.  I find this astounding.  Surely real fur is more expensive that fake fur so it wouldn’t make financial sense to retailers?  I’m still in two minds about fur.  I don’t like it but I also wear leather so what’s the difference?  One of the companies mentioned in this article said that the rabbit fur was a by product of the food industry.  Ahh, the dilema of balancing fashions with morals.  I mean, I was just watching a rabbit in my garden this morning.  I couldn’t imagine wanting to wear it on a jacket.

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Bronzing Modern Baby Shoes

I think everyone has a pair of their baby booties.  I’ve haven’t seen mine for a while but I do remember having them in a box.  They are so tiny and also perfect as if they’ve never been worn.  I was just browsing about the internet and found this unusual technique of bronzing modern baby shoes.

Wow, I would never in a million years have ever thought about doing anything like that.  I wonder who came up with the idea.  It’s just so bizare.  I’m not that sure I particularly like the idea and I would never have my own pair or baby booties bronzed but it’s certainly something that people might want to consider.  Especially if you’re trying to find ideas for baby gifts.

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Whiting and Davis Chain Mesh Coin Purse

I was having a look for a new purse because I want something ultra glam and glitzy for a special night out that is planned in a few months time.  Somehow I came across this really amazing Whiting and Davis Chain Mesh Coin Purse over at KYESI which I thought was just out of this world.  Go check it out for yourself.

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Charity Shop Fashion

I can think of quite a few people who would be horirified at the thought of buying anything from a charity shop but these people are truly missing out on a lot of amazing bargains.  Although I wouldn’t ever want to wear anything that obviously had a lot of wear, you can easily pick up some great bargains.  These items have hardly been worn and many times I have bought clothes with the tag still attached.

My best buy was probably a Ralph Lauren jacket with hibiscus flower designs on it.  The label was still attached and it cost a fraction of what it should have cost.  Who know how these items end up in charity shops.  Either it’s people who have bought items and then decided they didn’t like it, or perhaps it’s companies who are getting rid of old stock.

If you are interested in buying some great fashion gear at cheap prices, then buying from charity shops is really worth it.  Alternatviely you can go to the likes of eBay and buy items that other people no longer want.

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Do You Wear Fur?

Fur is one of these fashion materials that has suffered from a lot of contoversy and high emotions over the years. I find it amazing how people really went off the idea of wearing fur but now it’s starting to become acceptable again. Why are people such sheep when it comes to matters like this? And the people who were against it before, were they really or were they just too scared to say they secretly love fur and want to wear it?

i wish that people would have more conviction about such matters and not be so wishy washy. Either you are for or against the use of fur in fashion. You can’t simply “go with the flow”. You have to ask yourself whether you consider it to be equal to wearing leather. Some people say that leather is a by-product of the meat industry so it doesn’t really matter but fur is bad because these animals have been specifically bread for their fur. The argument can go either way so it’s something you should sit down and think about.

Personally I am against fur but feel that I’m perhaps being a hypocrite becuase I also wear leather. I think fur is beautiful but would prefer to see it on a living animal and not someone’s head as a hat. I can understand that people living in Artic conditions would have to wear fur because synthetic materials don’t do a good enough job but when the weather is only slightly cold there really isn’t any need.

Update: Masha Markova’s Mink Coat Stolen By Lindsay Lohan

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Are Designer Brands Worth It?

It seems that women have a reputation for being label queens.  I love fashion but don’t know why we have to spend so much on it.  Yes, every now and again it’s great to be able to walk into a designer store and actually buy something rather than just browse.  But when it comes to being addicted to designer labels I think this is plain silly.  When you see celebrities on TV or in glossy magazines I think it sets a really bad example when you see them covered head to toe in designer gear.  Most people couldn’t even afford a fraction of what they’re wearing and people then feel somehow hard done to.

There are also a lot of people getting into debt over fashion.  Quite honestly, I think having a roof over your head and some food in your stomach is a lot more important.  Some people thik that designer labels are worth it because they are better made and you use it for longer.  Well, this is certainly one benefit.  I really hate how people think it’s acceptable to throw things away because they’re bored of it.  keeping designer accessories for years it a lot better than buying several items and only keeping them for one season.

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